What is the difference between QA service and QC service?

Generally …

QA – Quality Assurance

The QA service is a proactive activity to determine the development of an event yourself through advance planning and targeted action.

For example:

  • preparing of inspection and test plans (ITP)
  • preparing of work- and/or test-instructions
  • establishing of basics regarding standards
  • training of personnel regarding specific requirements
  • etc.

QC – Quality Control

The QC service is a reactive activity and is intended to ensure compliance with the set quality levels or quality requirements, which e.g. as part of the QA service.

For example:

  • check whether the test steps of an ITP have been followed
  • if necessary, performing NDE yourself
  • check of reports, extent of examinations
  • verification of test results
  • reproducibility check
  • check of certificates (welder, NDE examiner)
  • check of welding procedure qualification, welding procedure specification
  • dimensional check and visual check
  • etc.
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