ISO 9712 … the responsibility of the employer …

Do you employ NDT Personnel as an employer?

Then ISO 9712 for the qualification and certification of nondestructive testing personnel imposes certain requirements and tasks on you as an employer.

Employer: legal entity that employs the candidate.

Responsibilities of the employer are defined under point 5.5 of ISO 9712. In 5.5.2 there is a requirement that the employer is responsible for the following points regarding the certified personnel:

  • Everything that concerns the authorization for the examination, provide job-specific training, for example.
  • issue a company authorization in written form.
  • the results of NDE-Activities.
  • ensuring that the vision examination requirements are met annually.
  • confirmation of ongoing activity in the application of the NDE Method without interrupted service.
  • ensuring that the NDE Personnel have valid certificates that are relevant to their responsibilities within the organization.
  • the storage of adequate evidence.

These responsibilities must (shall) be documented in a process description.

The ISO 9712 certification is a confirmation of the general competence of the NDE Examiner. It is in no way a company authorization!

This authorization is the responsibility of the employer, since the certified examiner may have additional special knowledge, such as about equipment, NDT process descriptions, materials and / or products as well as knowledge of relevant industrial regulations, standards or approval criteria for the products to be tested.

Do you have any questions regarding the implementation of these requirements?

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