The following topics may be of interest to you, or we can support your colleagues in quality assurance and / or project planning with regard to quality assurance in a responsible manner:

  • Contract review regarding NDT, e.g. the check for compliance with the order conditions with regard to personnel, equipment, quality requirements or compliance with regulations or indications of deviations and requirements with regard to accreditation and personnel qualification.
  • Support in determining the weld position according to accessibility and testability as well as determining the test conditions.
  • Determining the NDE Method
  • Qualification of NDE subcontractors => audits
  • Preparing of test plans etc.
  • NDE Execution Planning
  • Preparation of skill-tests
  • Review and approval of NDE procedures
  • etc.

This is only a possible selection of activities.

Any questions? Please contact us without obligation!

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