Here we carry out inspections on your behalf at your suppliers and / or manufacturing companies on the basis of your quality requirements, national or international regulations or agreed test plans.

Among other things, the following test points can be agreed:

  • Manufacturing requirement

e.g. Inspection of welding products, inspection of inspector certificates or inspector authorizations, inspection of material certificates, etc.

  • NDE

e.g. Visual inspection (VT), dimensional inspection, weld preparation, inspection of welding consumables, functional inspection, inspection of NDT test reports, inspection of radiographs, monitoring of NDT inspections, inspection of NDT equipment and test equipment, if necessary, independent implementation of NDT as a sample inspection, etc.

  • Control of compliance with the test parameters and regulations
  • Witness of pressure tests
  • Check for compliance with drawing specifications
  • Check during welding for compliance with the WPS specifications
  • plausibility checks
  • final checks
  • etc.

The documentation is either provided on the inspection reports provided by the customer or we use our own report templates adapted to your needs for the documentation of our activities.

Any questions? Please contact us without obligation!

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