Certification by Employer

Contrary to the known certification system of NDE-Personnel in Germany by an independend Certification Body based on ISO 9712 / EN 473 (like DGZfP, SECTOR Cert or TÜV Nord) international Codes and Specifications like

  • the ASME BPVC (American Society of Mechanical Engineers – Boiler Pressure Vessel Code)
  • and also most of API Standards (American Petroleum Institute),
  • at ASTM Spezifikationen (American Society for Testing and Materials)
  • and the AWS Codes (American Welding Society)

requires the certification by the employer of the NDE-Personnel.

This certification of NDE-Personnel is coordinated to the special examination requirements at the employer or manufacturer and is related to the real examination conditions on the job.

The specification for this purpose is the Recommended Practice No. SNT-TC-1A of the ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) or CP-189.

Our astablished Qualification-System for your NDE-Personnel is based on the acceptance of already existing EN/ISO-Certificates for the general written examination part because the physical basics of the different Examination Methods are the same all over the world.

We perform the qualification of your personnel from this basis. That means that an additional specific written examination and also a practical examination shall be passed by the Level I and Level II personnel. The necessary training and examination will be executed by VP at your location.

Extensive differences exists between the requirements of ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A regarding the Level III qualification. The BASIC-Examination according to ISO 9712 is not comparable to SNT-TC-1A. The content of the Method Examinations according to ISO 9712 are also different to the requirements of SNT-TC-1A. The Specific Examination is not required according to ISO 9712 in general.

That means, for a Level III qualification of a candidate certified according to ISO 9712

Level 3, the candidate shall pass the missing parts of examination according to your Written Practice to fulfill the requirements of SNT-TC-1A. The number of examination parts and examination questions is based on the graduate of the ISO 9712 examination.

We would be happy to support you in implementation of the employer-based qualification and certification system. Just talk to us!