ASME NDE Consulting

Your company is certified by ASME? Even a stamp-holder, like:

PP       –           Pressure Piping

S         –           Power Boiler

U         –           Pressure Vessels

Or, you got work orders acc. to ASME Code without beeing a stamp-holder by your own, in cases of orders which do not require that the manufacturer is certified by ASME?

However, you have to fulfill the requirements of ASME BPVC Code, API Standards, ASME B-Codes (like B31.1 or B31.3), ASTM Standards or AWS Code regarding nondestructive examination for this contract or project?

Do you find yourself in the description above?

Are you active in this area?

Do you need support with the implementation of specifications or additional customer requirements?

We would be happy to help you with our specialist knowledge!